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International Piano Technicians School

Accuracy. Precision. Efficiency.

Elevate your career and learn how to employ accuracy, precision, and efficiency to provide concert-level results.



"The IPTS system makes information available to new tuners in a way that results in high quality tunings in a very short amount of time!"

- Ross Ferkett, APTU

New Piano Technician


Noam Ben-Hamou_edited.jpg

"When I started with IPTS my tunings were not stable. Now I can make them stay, thanks to the IPTS system!"


- Noam Ben-Hamou, Concert Pianist, CEO

mindy rawlinson - Edited.jpg

Finding IPTS and their method of instruction, as well as having the ability to meet with someone weekly for feedback and help was a total game-changer for me!

- Mindy Rawlinson,

Piano Teacher

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I will continue to highly recommend the IPTS Aural Tuning System!


Peter Poole,

Concert Technician

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IPTS Courses


Mentor program

Live one-on-one online lessons to help you learn piano tuning to a high level

Acceleratred program

For people who don't have a lot of time and still want to learn high level piano tuning.

Self guided program for self learners

Learn at your own pace.

Attend weekly Q&A sessions.

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