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Score Your Piano Tuning

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Piano tuning is not a regulated trade. There is a huge opportunity for people who do not know how to tune pianos well, to take money from unsuspecting piano owners to tune their pianos and most piano owners have little way to know if the tuning was worth the price they paid other than, "It sounds ok to me". (Most piano tuners are not trying to rip customers off on purpose. If a tuner's tuning fails, they are often not even aware that their tunings are sub-par.) The most important element of a good tuning is unisons that are clean and stable. The purpose of this online course is to explain what good unisons are, what good stability means, and how important they are to a good tuning. Then we show you how to get any tuning scored based on unisons and stability. This new free service is invaluable to a number of people: - Piano owners who just got their piano tuned may want to know if they paid too much for their tuning. - The piano technician may call and piano owners may want to know if it is time to have their piano tuned. Sometimes pianos just don't go out of tune that much. Sometimes pianos go out of tune quickly. - Piano owners who want to know if their tuning is staying for a reasonable amount of time. - Piano tuning students who want to know if their tunings are of high quality. - Piano technicians and students who just want to know how their tunings stack up against an objective, empirical criteria.

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