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NEW! In-Field Technician Hotline

In August 2023 we started a dedicated piano technician hotline for beginning technicians and DIYers who need help in the field.

Piano tuning and repair help money back guarantee

If you need help or have any piano tuning or repair questions,

CALL 1-800-388-0897

Who this service is for:

Anyone who has questions about piano tuning and repair!

  • Technicians having trouble with a repair in the field.

  • Anyone who has broken a string in the field and needs help fixing it.

  • Piano owners interested in learning how to tune their own piano.

  • Piano technicians and piano owners having trouble getting a stable string.

  • Anyone interested in learning more about piano tuning and repair.

  • Anyone looking for information on how to become a piano technician.

  • Etc.

We are currently looking for technicians to join our phone team. If you have at least 25 years experience as a professional piano technician and are good with people and want to help beginning technicians and piano owners,


Current introductory fee for consultation is ONLY $0.99 per minute.

Must have a valid credit card.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

We promise to be efficient with your time.

SERVICE GUARANTEE! If we can't help you, you will receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

100% money back guarantee - live piano tuning and repair help
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