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Can You Learn How to Tune Pianos Online?

“Right now there is a revolution going on, and the revolution has already wiped out travel agents…hammered away at newspapers…you can go down the list. All these industries have changed.”– Seth Godin

The internet has transformed every industry, from travel, news, transportation, real estate, legal and even the medical industry. Are we too stuck in our ways to recognize that our beloved piano technician education industry has to advance as well?

The proof is a simple Google search to find countless websites offering online courses, even prestigious universities are providing free online alternatives to traditional classroom learning.

As a piano technician, I was initially very skeptical about teaching piano tuning online. However, my perception shifted when a student from Australia expressed interest in taking my course remotely. What followed was a remarkable experience that surpassed my expectations and proved the power of virtual education.

Demonstrating Effectively: Contrary to my initial concerns, demonstrating piano tuning techniques online turned out to be surprisingly effective. Using cameras, I can direct the student's attention to specific spots on the piano, ensuring clarity and precision in instruction. The visual aspect of online teaching allows for focused guidance and a better understanding of the techniques.

Internet Frequency Distortion: Naturally, I wondered if the internet would distort frequencies during the learning process. In collaboration with my student, we used Tunelab, an Electronic Tuning Device (ETD) software, to measure strings on each of our pianos. To our surprise, the internet did cause a consistent drop of seven cents in frequency. While this deviation might be problematic for certain applications, it doesn't hinder the overall learning experience and understanding of piano tuning principles.

Hearing Beats: One of the most astonishing discoveries during online piano tuning lessons was the improved ability to hear beats. Tuning by ear requires students to compensate for the piano's physical limitations and intentionally tune intervals "out of tune" to create beats. However, some students struggle to hear these high-frequency beats, which are often quiet and overshadowed by the actual pitches. Through online instruction, aided by computer speakers that emphasize beats over other frequencies, students can better focus their hearing and train their ears to discern these critical beats.

The Advantages of Online Learning: Learning piano tuning online offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides access to knowledge and instruction that might not be readily available in certain locations. Students from around the world can connect with experienced technicians and gain invaluable insights. Additionally, online learning fosters flexibility, allowing students to learn at their own pace and fit lessons into their busy schedules. Moreover, the reduced cost compared to in-person training makes it an affordable option for aspiring piano technicians.

Embrace the Piano Tuning Revolution: Join the revolution of online piano tuning education and unlock the remarkable opportunities it offers. Whether you're a passionate musician seeking to expand your skills or someone with a mechanical aptitude looking for a fulfilling career, learning piano tuning online can be a game-changer. Through virtual instruction, you'll gain theoretical knowledge, improve stability techniques, and develop a keen ear for beats—all crucial aspects of becoming a proficient piano technician.

The internet has revolutionized education, opening doors to countless possibilities, including the world of piano tuning. Don't miss out on the chance to learn this valuable skill online. Embrace the convenience, flexibility, and advancements in virtual instruction. If you're interested in delving deeper into the world of piano tuning, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey where technology and passion converge, creating a harmonious future for piano technicians worldwide.

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