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A Completely New Way to Get Certified As A Professional Piano Tuner

Updated: Feb 29

Education is changing. Technology has made massive changes in the way information is shared and how students are evaluated and I would like to share with you a new and very exciting option for getting certified as a professional piano tuner. Self-certification.

Imagine following a list of descriptions on how to tune different sections of the piano, practicing these techniques, and then recording, measuring, and scoring your own tunings!

That's what I am talking about and that's what we are working on right now at the IPTS.

We are creating a set of descriptive videos that show you exactly how to tune each section of the piano following the highly accurate, precise, and efficient IPTS system, formerly known as the Go APE system which has already certified many students as qualified concert-level piano tuners, and all you have to do is watch these descriptive videos and follow the instructions. Then, after you practice the techniques and feel you're ready to be evaluated, you simply watch the scoring videos for each unit you're working on, record your unit intervals, and measure them using the free software and spreadsheet provided. And you do this all by yourself.

How can we say this system works when it is generally accepted that you need an instructor to learn piano tuning? Simple. You don't need an instructor to learn how to tune. What you need is the feedback they give you to tell if you're doing it right or if you need to improve. That's where the spreadsheet comes in. It tells you if you are progressing sufficiently in a unit and if you fail the unit, it tells you exactly where you need to improve and what you have to do to improve your unit mark.

How does it work?

Well, we, at the IPTS, have developed a revolutionary scoring system for tuners using free audio bandpass software that allows you to easily and quickly filter unisons and intervals and then measure them so that you can get an accurate assessment of how well you're progressing and if you fail a unit, the spreadsheet shows you exactly where you failed and what you need to do to pass. Probably the best part of this is you are able to do it all privately; no more being nervous to send in recordings to be marked, and you can do this all at your own speed. No more feeling inadequate if you are not progressing as fast as somebody else in your online class.

Now, for a limited time only, we are offering a few people who are interested in learning more about this new and revolutionary piano tuning self-certification system to join our group for FREE and follow and help shape the development of this new certification system which promises to be the most revolutionary resource for piano tuners since the invention of the electronic tuning device.

Just look for a link on this page to take you to the registration page and once you register, you will have instant access to the unit descriptions and scoring videos for each section of the IPTS Piano Tuning System.

We do not just certify anyone. When you join, if you decide to work through some of the units, we will confirm that you are scoring yourself correctly for the first few, and then you can score yourself on the rest of the 21 units without having to check with us or anyone.

Once you have finished scoring yourself on all the units in the privacy of your own home, all you have to do to become certified as an aural piano tuner with the IPTS is send us a small sample of your unit recordings so we can again confirm with you that your scores are correct. Finally, we will help you have one of your tunings verified by a professional concert-level technician. All the professional technician does is listen to your tuning and give you a score between 1 and 4. Receive a minimum score of 2 or more and you immediately become certified as an APTU with the IPTS.

Look for the link on this page, click it, and register and you will have instant access to the description and scoring videos.

We're looking forward to welcoming you. By joining our group you will be part of a revolutionary new group that is pioneering the training and certification of new piano tuners in this new age of education. We are putting the learning back into the hands of the students. Come and help us develop a new and pioneering system of self-certification for piano tuners.

Education is changing and never before has there ever been an evaluation system for piano tuners that was so accurate and easy to follow that the school using it had confidence enough in this evaluation system to hand it over to the students to record themselves and score their own tunings, but this system is so easy and powerful that anyone can do it.

Click the link and register and we will look forward to welcoming you into the newest and most forward-thinking piano technology school in the world. The IPTS. Piano tuning is changing and is now being taught in a new way. Be part of something new. Be part of the change.

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